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Thanks to advanced technology carpal tunnel syndrome pain and numbness, loss of hand strength, and finger dexterity are now symptoms of the past. The solution for successfully treating carpal tunnel symptoms has always been Deep Tissue Myofascial Release Massage. But unfortunately this massage therapy is expensive and not fully covered by most medical insurance plans, making it available to only the financially well-off; until now.

Your carpal solution is the Carpal Rx, which is being called, “the most significant advancement in myofascial release massage therapy in the last 40 years”. Now every sufferer of carpal tunnel syndrome can receive the same proven massage therapy previously available only to those who could pay over $3,000 to put an end to their carpal tunnel symptoms.

Prior to Carpal Rx, those who could not afford 30 days of deep tissue myofascial release massage therapy, but had somewhat decent medical insurance, were reduced to submitting themselves to carpal tunnel surgery with all of its complications, high failure rate, and expensive co-pay aftercare.

But now everybody, even the under- and non-insured, can get long term relief from the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome by using the affordable Carpal Rx myofascial release massager.

The Carpal Solution Doctor invites you to look at “Our Company” page and read the qualifications of our team of doctors behind the development of the Carpal Rx massager for carpal tunnel syndrome. The Carpal Rx is the only myofascial release massager available on the market, and our company of doctors owns all of the patents that have made the Carpal Rx, “the most significant advancement in myofascial release massage therapy in the last 40 years.”

You are also invited to get rid of your carpal tunnel symptoms by using the Carpal Rx myofascial release massager under the Carpal Solution Doctor’s 60 day buy back protection plan. Join the thousands who no longer even think about carpal tunnel syndrome.

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